The first bearded dragon eggs of the season started hatching this past week!

I decided to take some photos of the first hatchlings to celebrate while they were still in the incubator.

hatching bearded dragon eggs And here they are! Welcome to the world!
 bearded dragon hatchlings But when I clicked the camera again to snap my next photo, there were 2 less in there!
Where to find the two missing bearded dragons?
 baby bearded dragon I found one here peaking out at me!
 hold baby bearded dragon After carefully removing a couple of stacks of egg containers the baby was safely in hand.
lost bearded dragon Here I found the other one beneath the shelf.
bearded dragon incubator

So, I had to unplug the heating element so she couldn’t burn herself on it, then remove more containers and the shelf to rescue her!

Notice she scattered vermiculite into the bottom of the incubator for me to clean up!

 holding hatchling bearded dragon Safe at last!

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    lol, funny little event

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