I have a quick update today on the baby veiled chameleons that I posted about that hatched a couple of months ago.

They have done really well, growing quickly and thriving.

Unfortunately my camera has been acting very strangely so the photos I have are not the greatest.

But people have been e-mailing asking me about them, so here are a couple anyway just to give you an idea.

This first picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago.

This photo was taken today:

You can see the difference in size and coloration a couple of weeks has made. The males are just beginning to show us some hints of their future adult pattern and coloration. The older individuals that hatched first are now about 8″ in length. Individuals from this clutch hatched over a period of about 3 weeks time, so there is a size difference from the oldest to the youngest, but all are growing quickly. They are getting ready to shed soon which is why their heads are a lighter coloration today.

I am selling these at this time for $50 plus shipping if anyone reading the blog is interested. Just send me an e-mail @ scott@livingwithlizards.com. These have been a very vigorous group. There hasn’t been a weak animal in the clutch.

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  1. mike ferguson says:

    I love my male,and he is doing well and growing quickly and eating well…thanks so much for info and Sydney…Mike

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