The past few days I’ve had some veiled chameleon babies hatching out. These lizards are naturally found in Yemen (near Saudi Arabia), so they are sometimes called Yemen chameleons or referred to by their scientific name of calyptratus.

I first began breeding veiled chameleons nearly 20 years ago when they were still very exotic and rare- I drove 80 miles to pick up my first tiny pair of 3-week olds from the airport in those days.

Thanks to their hardy nature and easy breeding these lizards are now very inexpensive and the most commonly kept and bred chameleon in the terrarium.

In nature veiled chameleon eggs overwinter in a rest state, so they can take a long time to hatch. Usually around 6 or 7 months. This clutch took a little over 10 months.

I thought I’d celebrate the arrival of these little ones after the long wait by posting a few photos this week.

baby veiled chameleons hatching

The shriveled eggs in the upper corners have already hatched. The one in the middle of the left had side is “sweating” which occurs prior to hatching. You can see a little head poking out of the egg below it.


calyptratus hatchling

This baby chameleon right out of the egg. You can see how tiny they are when they hatch.


baby yemen chameleon in outdoor terrarium

Baby veiled in an outdoor terrarium. I raise them for the first several weeks in very simple set-ups to make certain they can easily find heat, water, and food items. I just use bare reptariums with plentiful twigs filling the entire terrarium. Outdoors I provide a shade on top so they can always move in and out of available sunlight.

baby calyptratus in the flowers

Out of the terrarium for a photoshoot among some tiny flowers growing in part of my yard.

baby chameleon outside

Although these babies are fine down to 50 degree temperatures at night,  tomorrow night will dip into the lower 40s, and the following several nights are also looking similar in the forecast, so I’ll be moving my lizards indoors including these guys. The preparations are keeping me busy this week which is why my post is late. I always feel a little sad to see the lizards moved back indoors for the winter, and dream of moving south someday every fall…

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  1. Carlos says:

    Will you be selling any of your Veiled Chams?

  2. Scott says:

    I am selling them at this time. I’ll post a quick update with a couple of photos in a few minutes.

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