Living with Lizards is about lizards in and out of the terrarium and the life-enhancing experience of caring for and about them.

My earliest memories as a pre-schooler were of observing fence lizards (Sceloporus) in my back yard. Soon I was catching them to bring them into my home and into my life and later to my kindergarten to show the class what wonderful creatures I had discovered!

In the years that have followed I have kept and reproduced dozens of species in my terraria. And I still enjoy sharing my fascination for these amazing creatures with children and adults in educational presentations at schools, libraries, church groups and Boy Scout Troops throughout my home state every year.

“Living with Lizards” will share my experiences with lizards in the present and past, as well as husbandry tips, ideas for the terrarium, news items, facts, ideas, my photography, funny stories and other things I feel are interesting to fellow “lizard lovers”!

Join me in the world of these fascinating beings on an adventure that has defined and enriched my life.



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    I enjoy the info you are sharing, thanks

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