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Available Lizards

Updated January 12, 2023

I have the following lizards currently available:

All available lizards are terrarium bred, from my own terraria. Please e-mail to purchase and for shipping info and cost.

Bearded Dragons

"Larsen Lava Line"

My own home-grown dragons from over a quarter of a century of breeding over many generations. I started with normals and added colorful genes from some of the best lines in the country (Weiss Orange, Sandfire Gold, Sandfire Yellow), as well as excellent genetics from lesser-known lines. The goal has been beautiful, healthy, colorful, hardy dragons.  Well-started 2022 juveniles, growing fast and thriving.

$100 ea.

Example of a young adult "Larsen Lava" Bearded Dragon

Granite Spiny Lizards

One of the larger, and most beautiful of the sceloporus lizards. 

Adults grow to over 11″ long and are gorgeous with layer upon layer of color. Males are living jewels, with a beautiful aquamarine base with blue banding. On top of this, the back and head of these lizards have metallic gold that shines like metal in the sunlight, and on top of that, is a thick purple dorsal line.  Underneath, the belly and throat are a deep navy blue.

I have only a few 2022 males left. Don’t miss out!

If you purchase a male and want a female, I can put you on a notification list and give you “first dibs” on 2023 females when they become available. This will ensure that your male is large enough to breed when your female is ready.

If you are just looking for a display animal, males are far more colorful and larger. 

$150 ea.

Typical coloration of my male Granite Spiny Lizards. Note the shed on the rear legs and shoulders.

Leopard Geckos

"Normals" and "Tangerines"

Classic Leopard Geckos.

Nothing special as far as genetics. Don’t buy my leopard geckos if you are trying to become a leopard gecko millionaire. Do buy these geckos if you are looking for a colorful, hardy, thriving pet. Hatched  summer 2022 and growing like weeds, they are well past the delicate stage and are now strong and very easy to care for.

$50 ea.

Examples of coloration and size of "normal" available Leopard Geckos.
Examples of coloration and size of my Tangerine Leopard Geckos.

Electric Blue Day Geckos

Jewels of the terrarium, these little geckos almost glow under the light and thrive in naturalistic, bioactive setups.

Inquisitive and alert, these little guys watch everything happening around them. Easy to care for, they are a great “project” lizard. A pair will breed like clockwork and produce a pair of eggs every few weeks. 

Unsexed Juveniles $250 ea.

Young males, soon ready to breed $400 ea.

One of my breeding pairs of Electric Blue Day Geckos.

Neon Day Geckos

Another glowing jewel of the terrarium, these little geckos thrive in naturalistic, bioactive setups.

These interesting lizards can be kept in family groups, and I hatch many eggs right in the terrarium with the parents. Babies are raised alongside their parents until they are almost adults. 

Easy to care for, they are a great “project” lizard. Not quite as prolific as the electric blues, but I keep 3 females with each male in each terrarium, unlike the electrics which must be kept only in pairs. 

Young Adult Males, almost old enough to start breeding $175

Some of my Neon Day Gecko mothers with their babies.