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Video: Feeding baby veiled chameleons

baby chameleons feeding

Sit back, relax and watch my amazing baby veiled chameleons (Chamaeleo calyptratus) feeding and moving about.

Their tiny brains are somehow able to keep track of their amazing vision ( (pretty sure I’d be tripping over my feet trying to work those eyes!), do rapid physics calculations to judge prey distance necessary to effectively shoot their tongues like a projectile to capture prey and work 4 limbs with grasping digits and a prehensile tail in concert while planning maze-like routes along twigs as they move about to where they want to go (in this case, they have to find a route to the food bowl!).

As they move they often rock back and forth to blend in with leaves in a breeze and avoid the attention of predators.

They magically (ok it’s science change color through their active tuning of a lattice of guanine nanocrystals in their skin. AMAZING! And very relaxing and beautiful to watch.

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