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If you are interested in bearded dragons, BeardieVet is an Australian veterinarian with a special interest in bearded dragons and a top-notch YouTube channel.

His videos show the conditions wild dragons live in. These actual conditions are often quite different than conditions purported in some of the care guidelines widely disseminated online. (What You Should Know about Care Guides)

All of the videos on BeardieVet’s channel are worth viewing, but two of the more interesting as regards to bearded dragon husbandry I will link to below.  The first shows and then gives us a laboratory analysis of the composition of the substrate bearded dragons commonly live on in his part of Australia, the second one takes UV readings and explains basking habits of wild bearded dragons.

All of his “habitat” videos are useful for getting ideas to recreate in a terrarium and illustrate the range of environments these lizards can be found in. The location map video is great for this also– showing locations on google earth for individual bearded dragons, then a photo of what each lizard was doing there.

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